Katherine Parr Replica quatrefoil ouches


Replica quatrefoil ouches in two colors and two sizes (14mm and 20mm) from the necklace in the 1545 ┬áportrait of Catherine Parr. Antique gold finish with jet black or ruby red square, table-cut acrylic stones and off-white faux pearls. These measure 1/4″ thick, and have four loops on the back. They can be sewn onto hats or garments or strung into necklaces or girdles.

I recommend using the small ones for necklaces and the large ones for girdles.

These are nice quality costume jewelry and do not contain real gemstones or precious metals. (They are nickel-free plated metal alloy). They are a wonderful weight, substantial but light enough to use 80 of them on a court dress without being too heavy.

I designed and had these manufactured to be as close to the ouches in the portrait as possible. You can’t get them anywhere else.